Group Valentina and Irina, 2nd Tensile Structure Experiment

For this experiment we've studied the Riemann Surfaces to see what their qualities are.
We have generated a series of graphics by using Mathematica 7.

We have looked specifically into the Riemann Surfaces of Inverses of Sums of Two Trigonometric Functions.
After analising the solutions we have picked up one in order to make a physical model out of it and start experimenting and deforming the original mathematical model.

The chosen solution is composed out of 2 tangent trigonometrical functions. The physical model was made out of a continuous cylindrical surface on which we applied 2 V cuts.

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DanielD said...

very interesting that you try to find some mathematical formula in order to describe your geometry. i am missing the connection of your former experiments to the riemann principle. how did you come up with it?
your physical model seem not to represent the riemann very successful. how could you improve it?

could you please prepare a presentation explaining mathematica on wednesday.