Group Shi, Alexander, Slitting, Physical models, experiments02

Group Shi, Alexander, Slitting, Physical models, experiments01

3rd experiment

The purpose of this experiment was to research the techniques which could create the sensation of a continuous surface. Linked x-cuts are being created on either 2 sides or all four. The resulting v-shaped fabric elements are then rotated on the frame.
Further experiments concerning location of the cuts and proportions of the frame will follow.


Flip-Flop: Group Wanda & Anastasia

Group Andreea, Masha, Physical models, Slitting, experiments

Group Cosmos and Mauro - Slitting experiments

Continuing with the idea of motion, we made a serie of experimentations to explore this condition on our model. In these series we variated the angle and density of slitting made on paper; after that we pushed the two ends towards each other to see how they behave. We made the same kind of experiment also with other materials.

Esteban, Diana,Slitting, V cuts, Physical Model, Stockings

This is or first attempt experimenting with V cuts in a stocking and affecting it by tension to get minimal surfaces.

Group Joshua and Deborah - Physical models - Slitting experiments

Experiments with vertical slitting in different materials, plastic , cardboard and recicled cotton.

Mauro, Cosmos, SLITTING, 2nd Experimentation, Paper

We started our process of experimentation creating patterns of cuts on a standard size of paper and observing how they behave when subjected to pushing and stretching. Then we decide to create a model which didn´t need to be manipulated but was capable of rendering its own surface and form. To achieve this, we made two actions: fold and cut. After further experiments, we picked the model which presented some qualities of a surface in motion with the aim of exploiting this quality further in a more rigorous fashion.


Groupe A&A ... Work in Progress

The four files you sent to laser cutting.
The little square (19x19cm) represents separed experiments
The big squares (40x40cm) represents composed experiemnts.

Photos of the physicals models will follow.

SLITTING___alexandra__and__ban _xu__group

Idea of slitting, connections and photos of phisical model

Group Liu and Grisha

Slitting 01

Slitting 02

Group Joshua and Deborah - Slitting

Slitting 01

Slitting, Physical Model, Diagram, Paper, Fabric

group___alexandra__and__ban Xu

First experiments
-difrent materials : cardboard and textile material
-difrent cuts : X and I shape

Slitting, Physical model, Fabric

Group Wanda & Anastasia