Dear Logik-Students

as I was discussing last week the progress of your work with some of
you and it seemed that most of you got stuck into the studio mid-term
presentations it seems that not all of you will be ready for a
presentation this week.
So here the proposal I discussed already with some of you:

For the once who feel that they have some progress to discuss:
We will meet this week on Friday in Berlin for a pre-Christmas more
relaxed meeting.
Bring along your progress printed out on A4 and if you have already
your model or photographs of your physical model.
We will meet around 4pm in Berlin - The place depends on the amount of
people who would come down - So please RSVP!!!! :)
You should have similar progress as mentioned below!

For the once who feel they need some more days to present some good
Please send me an email with your progress by 28th of December and I
will comment by email.
Send the following as jpg drawings per email and also publish it on
the blog:
1) perspectives and drawings (basic plan and elevations) of your model
2) perspectives, drawing and diagrams of the method you would use to
make it "build-able" out of flat sheets
this should describe your "strategy" and the elements you are using
3) perspective renderings and drawings (basic plan and elevations) of
your model including the strategy, e.g. model with penalization
4) mock-up physical model or start of final model, please send
photographs and make a statement of the scale that you would like to use
5) text file with group name + name of members of the group
Please name all your files with the date and the name of your group!

For the final presentation you will need to have two boards in A1 or
A0 and a physical model.
The scale of the model and dimensions should be discussed with me
prior to your presentation.
Also you should hand in the boards and photographs of your model on a

board1: perspective rendering / diagrams of the strategy you used /
name of your group
board2: plans and elevations in scale / name of your group

Please be aware that the semester will finish in around 5 weeks and
that it will take a lot of work and time to build the final model!
Next year I will meet you on:
7th January - Wednesday
15th January - Thursday



I assume not everyone is part of this group yet since only 16 people
are members.
Please spread this email among the ones who are not part of the google
group yet!


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